TSI Flow Products Crossovers are available in a multitude of configurations and sizes ranging from 1” to 4”. TSI Crossovers can rate up to a maximum of 15,000 PSIG working pressure depending on the configuration. Crossovers are also available with the DC15 connection. For more information regarding the DC15 connection or custom configurations please contact your local TSI Flow Products.

TSI Flow Products Crossover 1
TSI Flow Products Crossover 2
TSI Flow Products Crossover 3
Service Body Working Pressure (PSIG)
Standard Non-NACE 15,000 PSIG
Sour Service

NACE Standard MR0175

10,000 PSIG

API Flanges (Spools, Weldnecks, Weco)

TSI Flow Products API Flanges are available in a multitude of configurations. They can be configured as Spools, Weldnecks, and Weco Flanges. Studded Flanges are also available upon request. Below or some, not all of the configurations we offer. Please contact TSI Flow Products for custom configurations or to place an order.

TSI Flow Products API Flanges and Weldnecks
TSI Flow Products ApI Flanges and Weldnecks 2