TSI Flow Products manufactures our Traditional Swivel Joints with a precision ball bearing design that allows for 360 degree rotation in one through four planes. Available in 2", 3" and 4" sizes and can handle up to 15,000 PSIG. The advanced bending and machining process creates a uniform bore throughout the entire swivel to reduce damage from erosion.

TSI Traditional Swivel Joint Exploded View

Traditional Swivel Joint Features

  1. Field Proven Packing: Low friction packing with anti‐extrusion ring to improve seal ability and reliability.
  2. Environmental Seal: O‐Ring protects the ball bearing housing from the service environment.
  3. Advanced Machining and Bending Process: Swivels are manufactured from the highest CNC performance and machining tools with the ability to provide six sigma levels of quality repeatedly with reliable quality. Uniform bore throughout entire swivel to reduce damage from erosion.
  4. Precision Ball Bearing Design: Minimizes stress of ball races and maximizes load capacity.
  5. Heavy Wall Thickness under Ball Races: Thicker wall at high erosion area provides high erosion allowance for the wall thickness under the male ball races without reducing the flow bore.
Traditional Swivel Joint Style 10 M x M



Traditional Swivel Joint Style 10 M x F



Swivel Joint Style 20 M x F



Swivel Joint Style 30 M x F



Swivel Joint Style 50 M x F



Swivel Joint Style 60 M x F



Swivel Joint Style 80 M x F



Swivel Joint Style 100 M x F




  • 15,000 PSI M.A.W.P.
  • Available in 2”, 3”, and 4” Sizes
  • Available in a multitude of styles for 360 degree rotation in one through four planes
2” 1502 15,000 PSI 10.94” 10.69” 5.50” 11.19” 21.63”
3” 1502 15,000 PSI 14.50” 16.37” 7.88” 12.62” 30.87”
4” 1002 10,000 PSI 16.00” 17.75” 8.50” 14.25” 33.75”
4” 1502 14,000 PSI 19.07” 20.95” 10.03” 17.19” 40.02”