TSI BFS Manifold Skids feature a one piece solid forged body design with lateral inlets for improved flow dynamics. The reduced number of flange connections helps reduce leakage at ring grooves. Features the DC15 3" inlet manifold connection that's 48 times stronger than a standard 1502 connection in independent testing*.

TSI Manifold Skid Features:

  • One piece Solid forged body design: Reduces the number of flange connections and reduces leakage at ring grooves.
  • Lateral inlets forged body: Improves flow dynamics.
  • lnconel 625 Inlay all ring grooves: reduce corrosion/erosion damages at seals.
  • Self-alignment Inlet Flange with environmental seal
BFS Manifold Skid

* Independent Testing by Stress Engineering Services, Inc.

Independent firm, Stress Engineering Services, Inc. (SES) was commissioned by TSI Flow Products to perform full scale fatigue testing on 3” Hammer Unions. TSI requested to test both standard 1502 Connections and TSI DC15 Connections. Testing was performed in June and July, 2017. Testing progressed on each sample until failure occurred or runout was declared. Failure was defined as a through-wall crack in the pipe or leak from the connection. Based on the data and calculations, the mean DC15 connection performance is 48 times better than the 1502 connection performance.

BFS Manifold Skid
BFS Manifold Skid
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