The FFC-3300 Flapper Check Valve from TSI Flow Products features an improved internal flow to reduce turbulence and a covered pin design that reduces erosion and helps prevent corrosion damages. Minor repair kit can be replaced inline and the patented design eliminates all special tooling for quick installation and reduced downtime of the equipment.

FFC-3300 Flapper Check Valve cutaway showing Improved Internal Flow Geometry

Key Features:

  • Improved internal flow reduces turbulence.
  • Improved internal geometry to reduce erosion damages.
  • Covered pin design reduces erosion/corrosion damages.
  • Increases service life of the valve significantly.


  • Connections: 3” 1502 (F) x 3” 1502 (M)
  • Max Working Pressure: 15,000 PSIG
  • Flow Rate: 740 GPM or 17 BBL/M
  • Standard Flow / Reverse Flow
  • Weight: 188 lbs.

Improved Serviceability:

  • Minor Repair Kit can be replaced inline.
  • Patented design eliminates all special tooling for installation reducing downtime of the equipment.
  • Removable seat design.
  • Self‐aligning flapper‐bracket design.
FFC-3300 Flapper Check Valve dimensions



Note: All dimensions in inches unless otherwise stated.

FFC-3300 Flapper Check Valve with part labels