Hammer Unions have been the standard in the oil and gas industry for over 50 years. However, the hammer union has weaknesses and limitations for current critical applications. In response to this, TSI Flow Products has designed and manufactured the 3” DC15 Connection.

We have critically analyzed every flaw within the hammer union connection. After doing so, we visited each flaw one by one and made significant improvements in every aspect. This resulted in the 3”DC15 Connection having improved performance over the hammer union connection in both fatigue and bending loads.

DC15 Connection Exploded View with Labels

DC15 Connection Design Features

  • Improved contact geometry between components.
  • Minimized stress concentration at external thread roots of the female connection.
  • Minimized stress concentration at the male shoulder corner.
  • Minimized stress concentration at the last full thread engagement of the nut.
  • Improved DC15 union seal design offers longer lasting performance than the 1502 hammer union seal.
  • 3 piece load segments with special geometry to reduce stress concentration.

DC15 Connection Benefits

  • Uniform bore between male, female and union seal.
  • Reduce erosion damage at connection.
  • Improve fatigue life of the equipment.
  • Improvement in bending load.

DC15 Connection Applications

TSI Flow Products has incorporated the DC15 connection into many of our current products. Custom configurations are available.

  • Plug Valves
  • Flapper Check Valve
  • Integral Fittings
  • Swivels
  • Laterals
  • Chokes
  • Pup Joints

The DC15 connection can be incorporated into many applications whether it be single line or complex manifolds. With crossovers, TSI is capable of changing your entire fracking system or just high stress areas.

DC15 Plug Valves

DC15 Plug Valves from TSI Flow Products are available in Manual, Gear Operated, Hydraulic or Pneumatic configurations. The DC15 Plug Valve is a lubricated, tapered seal, quarter-turn plug valve for rapid full open or close operation with the upgraded DC15 Connection.

DC15 Manual Plug Valve
DC15 Gear Operated Plug Valve
DC15 Hydraulic Plug Valve
DC15 Pneumatic Plug Valve
Size and ConnectionM.A.W.P (psig)ABC
3” DC15 15,000 18.50” 7.19” 5.79”

DC15 Integral Fittings

TSI Flow Products manufactures TEEs, Crosses and Elbows with the upgraded DC15 Connection. With crossovers, TSI can help you improve your complete fracking system or just high stress areas.

DC15 Cross M x M x M x F
DC15 Cross F x F x F x M
DC15 Cross F x F x M x M
DC15 Elbow M x F
DC15 Elbow M x M
DC15 TEE M x M x F
DC15 TEE M x F x F

DC15 TEE, Cross and Elbow Specifications

3” 15,000 16.260” 16.260” 8.130” 8.130”

DC15 Cartridge Swivel Joints

Combine the TSI Cartridge Swivel Joint with the strength of the DC15 Connection and you have an unbeatable configuration with a precision ball bearing design that allows 360 degrees rotation in one through four planes. Custom configurations available, contact your TSI sales rep for more information.

DC15 Style 10 Cartridge Swivel M x M
DC15 Style 20 Cartridge Swivel M x F
DC15 Style 30 Cartridge Swivel M x F
DC15 Style 50 Cartridge Swivel M x F
DC15 Style 60 Cartridge Swivel M x F
DC15 Style 80 Cartridge Swivel M x F
DC15 Style 100 Cartridge Swivel Joint M x F
3” 15,000 PSI 15.89” 16.37” 7.88” 16.37” 32.26” 14.48” 2.75”

DC15 Laterals

TSI Flow Products offers Laterals in 4" 1502 x 4" 1502 x 3" DC15 Connections as well as 4" DC15 x 4" DC15 x 3" DC15 Connections. With Crossovers, TSI can configure any application you need for your frac and flowback system. Contact TSI today for more information.

DC15 Lateral dimensions A, B, G and F
DC15 Lateral dimensions C and D
DC15 Lateral top view dimensions E and H

Contact TSI Flow Products for more information.

Connections (Run x Run x Branch)ABCDEFGH
4” DC15 (F) x 4” DC15 (M) x 3” DC15 (F) 21.60” 13.89” 2.50” 5.00” 7.0” TYP 8.22” 7.94” 3.50”
4” 1502 (F) x 4” 1502 (M) x 3” DC15 (F) 20.88” 13.89” 2.50” 5.00” 7.0” TYP 7.50” 7.94” 3.50”