High Pressure Flow Products

TSI Flow Products manufactures and sells a wide range of Frac and Flowback Equipment including TSI Trash Catchers, Manifolds, Integral Fittings, Pressure Relief Valves and More.

BFM Manifolds

Featuring a One Piece Solid Forged Body Design, BFM Manifolds from TSI are ready for Service. Our unique Inlet Manifold Design improves flow dynamics, while our Patented 3" DC15 Connections are 48 times stronger than the standard 1502 Connection. Improved Safety and virtually eliminates NPT due to iron failures.

BFM Missile Skid Manifold

TSI BFS Manifold Skids feature a one piece solid forged body design with lateral inlets for improved flow dynamics. The reduced number of flange connections helps reduce leakage at ring grooves. Features the DC15 3" inlet manifold connection that's 48 times stronger than a standard 1502 connection in independent testing*.

BFM Missile Trailer from TSI Flow Products

BFM Missile Trailers from TSI Flow Products are designed to reduce downtime and iron failure, offering safer fracturing operations. TSI Missile Trailers feature our Forged Compact Body and Patented DC15 Connection which is 48 times stronger than a standard 1502 connection*.