Frac & Flowback

TSI Flow Products manufactures and sells a wide range of Frac and Flowback Equipment including TSI Trash Catchers, Manifolds, Integral Fittings, Pressure Relief Valves and More.

Check Valves

TSI Flow Products manufactures Check Valves and Bleeder Valves for High Pressure Frac and Flowback applications. With an improved design and cost effective repair kits, TSI Check Valves and Bleeder Valves provide a reliable product you can maintain in the field for a long service life.

TSI Flow Products Dart Check Valve

The low friction Dart Check Valve from TSI Flow Products requires minimal pressure to open. Elastomer seals are low cost and easy to service. Alignment insert helps reduce friction, improves concentricity and increases body life while providing a positive seal. Weep hole serves as a leak indicator and safety relief hole.

TSI Flow Products FFC-3300 Flapper Check Valve

The FFC-3300 Flapper Check Valve from TSI Flow Products features an improved internal flow to reduce turbulence and a covered pin design that reduces erosion and helps prevent corrosion damages. Minor repair kit can be replaced inline and the patented design eliminates all special tooling for quick installation and reduced downtime of the equipment.

Ball Deflector Cross from TSI Flow Products

TSI Flow Products manufactures a 4" 1502 Ball Deflector Cross for high pressure frac and flowback applications. Featuring a removable, top entry screen, this simple design lets you replace the screen inline for less equipment downtime in the field.