Frac & Flowback

TSI Flow Products manufactures and sells a wide range of Frac and Flowback Equipment including TSI Trash Catchers, Manifolds, Integral Fittings, Pressure Relief Valves and More.


TSI Chokes are available in Adjustable or Positive Choke configurations and 2" 1502 or 3" 1502 applications. The low maintenance design features a 3/4" or 1" max orrifice size that is easy to convert in the field. The Solid Carbide Tip allows for improved accuracy and extended service life. View our products and contact your TSI sales rep today.

2" 1502 adjustable choke

TSI Flow Products manufactures the 2" and 3" 1502 Adjustable Chokes with Solid Carbide Tip and FL/TC Seat for improved accuracy. The low maintenance design features a replaceble orifice tip in 3/4" and 1" sizes that can be converted in the field. Forged steel bodies and thumb screw locking stem. avaialable in H2S Service and Standard Service.

FCHYD-1900-1 Electric Hydraulic Choke

The TSI Flow Products FCHYD-1900-1 Hydraulic Choke features a compact improved top drive assembly with fewer parts. With improved alignment and stop positions, the simple design features produce a reliable Hydraulic Choke that reduces internal damage at the end of strokes from working pressure or hydraulic supply pressure fluctuation. Contact your TSI Flow Products sales rep for more information.

2" 1502 Positive Choke Parts Diagram

Designed to the same quality standard as our complete 2" 1502 Positive Choke assemblies, TSI Flow Products offers a full line of quality Replacement Parts to keep your product flowing. Contact your TSI sales rep today for your specific application.