The TSI Flow Products FCHYD-1900-1 Hydraulic Choke features a compact improved top drive assembly with fewer parts. With improved alignment and stop positions, the simple design features produce a reliable Hydraulic Choke that reduces internal damage at the end of strokes from working pressure or hydraulic supply pressure fluctuation. Contact your TSI Flow Products sales rep for more information.

FCHYD-1900-1 Design Features:

  • Hydraulic choke with self-locking gear for regulating the flow and holding position
  • Fewer parts, reliable simple design features
  • Time per cycle ( fully open and fully close): 5 seconds minimum.
  • Carbide Tip - Seat
  • Compact - reliable 3 pin connection for position indicator

FCHYD-1900-1 Electric Hydraulic Choke

FCHYD-1900-1 Specifications:

  • Working Pressure: 15,000 psig
  • Max Orifice: 1.00”
  • Max Stroke Length: 1.62”
  • 2” 1502 Connections

FCHYD-1900-1 Applications:

  • Flow Control, Sand Control, Frac Bleeder Valve
FCHYD-1900-1 Electric Hydraulic Choke