Secondary seals are used to seal around the production casing stub in the bottom of the bowl of the tubing head or casinghead. The various types are described below. Additional sizes available upon request.


PE Secondary Seals

  • Rated up to 10,000 PSI
  • Assembly consists of a body with a bit guide, self-energizing seal and retainer ring all supported by a snap ring.
secondary seals PE
Flange SizeWorking PressureCasing Size
11 10,000 4-1/2
11 10,000 5-1/2
11 10,000 7
11 10,000 7-5/8
13-5/8 10,000 8-5/8
13-5/8 10,000 9-5/8

Additional sizes available upon request

O-O Secondary Seals

The O-O secondary seal consists of elastomer seals which are installed in casing or tubing head spools. The 0-0 shape design offers great flexibility to all internal and external sizes of casing and tubing head spools.

secondary seals O-O