Wellhead Components

TSI Flow Products manufactures various types of wellhead components, including Adapter Bonnets, Tubing Hangers, Tubing Heads, casing Spools, Secondary Seals, Casing Hangers, Casing Heads, Tree Caps, Tees, Crosses and Goat Head Frac Adapters.

TSI Flow Products manufactures Adapter Bonnets for multiple applications including BO-2, B2P, B1, TC-CL, TC-EN and TC-CC in both 7-1/16" and 11" Flange Sizes in Working pressures up to 10,000 PSI. Contact your local TSI sales rep today for more information.

TSI Tubing Hangers

TSI Flow Products carries a wide selection of Tubing Hangers and Couplings to fit just about any application you need. From threaded mandrel type hangers with or without control line to wrap-around style TC1W tubing hangers, TSI has you covered.

TSI Tubing Heads

Tubing Heads are attached to the casing spool and used to suspend the tubing and seal the annulas between the tubing and casing. The tubing head is a necessary component for drilling and completing a well. TSI Flow Products tubing heads are straight-bore, high capacity tubing heads.

TSI manufactures CH-22 and CH-29 Casing Spools with BP or L Outfits. BP Casing spools are supplied with 2 lock screws for wear bushing retention, and L Casing Spools are supplied with a full set of lock screws for casing hanger and pack off retention upon request.