Gate Valves

TSI Flow Products manufactures Model M and FC SMLR Gate Valves with a field proven design. Available in 2-1/16" through 7 1/16" with working pressures from 2000-5000 PSI (Model M) and 1-13/16" to 7-1/16" with 2000-20,000 PSI Working Pressure on the FC-SMLR Gate Valves.

Model M Series Gate Valve

The Model M Series expanding gate valve consists of one gate body and one related segment. The middle contact surface is designed to a milled V Structure. The Model M Series Gate Valves are available in 2-1/16" through 7-1/16" and a Working Pressure of 2000 PSI through 5000 PSI.

FC SMLR Gate Valve

The FC SMLR Gate Valve is a field-proven design which provides reliability and interchangeability. The FC SMLR Gate Valve features a non-rising stem with a slab gate full bore through conduit design. Floating slab gate and seats, floating seat ring body bushing design to provide safe dependable service.